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 Business Insurance

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  • Corporate retirement strategy

 Insured Employee Health Plans

Traditional employee benefit plans offer businesses insured benefit lines. Life insurance, Extended Health Care and Dental Benefits for employees. The amount of coverage for each benefit is completely customizable to meet a business’ needs.


 Flexible Health Care Spending Programs

Health Spending Accounts and Personal Spending Accounts provide your employees with the flexibility to allocate their health dollars to services that matter to them.


 Educational Seminars

We tailor our educational seminars to explain relevant financial topics to ensure participants receive value.


 Employee Savings Plans

Pooled investment accounts (such as RRSP, DPSP, TFSA, etc.) that are provided by an employer to their employees.


 Free Analysis

Many employers currently have existing benefit plans. We conduct a free analysis of your current plan to uncover cost savings to ensure your benefit budget is properly allocated.